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If you’ve got an IT problem,
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Our dedicated team of professionals are available to provide you with the best IT solutions available. We offer (onsite or remote) contract consultative assistance services.

Wi-Fi is an amazing techology.  While generally considered a “convenience technology” and not a “reliable technology”, we as a society are depending on it more and more every day.  We are nearly requiring it to be reliable in this day and age, and it is very disappointing when Wi-Fi doesn’t work.


That’s where we can help. 

We have years of experience with troubleshooting and fixing Wi-Fi environments that are misconfigured, mismanaged, underbuilt (and overbuilt) as well as just need some optimization.

If you are a business where you let customers use your Wifi while in the waiting room, or you have devices that are on your Wi-Fi network that you cannot guarantee the security of, they should be on an independent Wi-Fi network that does not have access to your business servers and other IT assets.  This doesn’t mean separate Wi-Fi hardware as you can often segregate your networking with vlans.  Give us a call and we can help prevent your customers from having access to your business assets.

HIPAA compliance dictates that your business assets should never be accessible to the general public.  If you are concerned this may be the case, give us a call.  We can asses whether this is a problem or not remotely, and we can even offer solutions to the problem.

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