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If you’ve got an IT problem,
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Our dedicated team of professionals are available to provide you with the best IT solutions available. We offer (onsite or remote) contract consultative assistance services.

Citrix XenServer and XCP-ng are a more commonly used virtualization platform.  Backed by Citrix, it has a large following of users and a large history of documentation and help in its forums.  However, not everything can be fixed from a simple forum post or an email.

 Whether your issues are with performance or reliability of your VMs, or having problems with backups, we can help.

 We have several years of history working with customers to solve Xenserver and XCP-ng issues.

 New install or old systems you are wanting to retire?  We have setup multiple small busineses with Xenserver from scratch, as well as helped them migrate their VMs to a newer version, or even move to a different hypervisor completely.

Trying to migrate to/from Xenserver?  We can help migrate from any virtualization platform to any other virtualization platform.

Trying to get High Availability working but having problems you cannot figure out?  We can help!

Do you have good backups going back at least 30 days?  Today’s ransomware attacks are now waiting 30 days (or more) from initial infection to make themselves known.  This is to prevent you from having good backups that aren’t encrypted, and forcing you to potentially pay out to get your data back.  We can assist in setting up a robust backup routine to provide quality long-term backups of your critical VMs using recommended industry best practices. 

We can make recommendations for monitoring your Citrix cluster for unexpected failures using our knowledge of recommended best practices.

Do you have problems with Xenserver or XCP-ng that have been plaguing you for a while, and need a fresh set of eyes to see if the issue can be easily resolved?  Give us a call and let us take a look.  Our attention to detail with complicated environments often lets us find the problem when others have missed it.


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